About Us

Nedreb is a Merchant Exporter company from India. Through established relationship, vast resources and dedication, we have reached a strong position in the commercial export of Gemology activities, Solar accessories, Construction Material, Farming and Irrigation equipment, Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture, Sericulture, apparels, textiles, pharmaceutical, handy crafts, hand loom, power loom, coir products, Leather products, Rubber products, Engineering and Software services, Hardware and Networking, Cosmetics, Marine food products, Ornament and Jewelries, Health Care and Nutrients products, Novelties, Basic Chemical and Minerals, Paints, Home appliances, Foot ware, Eye ware, Jute products, Electronic products, Stationary products, Essential Oil, Automobile accessories and Spare parts, Automotives, Aerospace and Industrial Engineering products, Organic and Eco-friendly products, Water and  water purifying solutions, Shellac and forest products, Wool and Woolen products, Synthetic and Rayon products, Animal feed and Dairy products, Coffee, Tea and Beverages, Live animals, Spices, Dry fruits, Food Making and Processing products, Tourism, Entertainment, Resorts, Educational Institution, Gift articles, Event management and Advertisement, Man power supply, Service Consultancy, Infrastructure solutions/related products, Refurbish Handyman services, Networking E-projects, Aluminum, Copper and Zinc products and Civil Engineering.


We respect every deal that we undertake and are persistent to building relationship through successful trading. We have developed successful contacts and rapport in the trading market. With over fourteen years of experience in this field, one can find us to be an ideal company to operate with.

Over the years we have gained experience and confidence of the trading market and have made a name for our self. This is evident by the support of supplier-buyer base that we have who are very well known names in the industry and hold a repute and long standing in terms of quality and performance.



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